Auto Attendant Recordings Vertical SBX IP 320

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Auto Attendant recordings Auto Attendant recordings must be done from the Attendant Station - most likely x100.

NOTE - recordings always sound better if done from the handset!

  • Lift the handset
  • Push the TRANS/PGM
  • Dial 06
  • You will hear a tone and the screen will ask for the message number (001-100).
  • Dial the message number you want to record - if you are not sure you can listen to what is already recorded. Just dial a number (001-100)and wait. It will play the current recording.
  • To record a new message or record over an old message simply press the # key as directed in the screen.
  • Press the HOLD/SAVE key to end recording
  • Hangup
  • Repeat as needed for additional Auto Attendant recordings.

Tech Tip--if you don't find your recording this way - it may have been done in a extensions mailbox instead of the Auto Attendant. Those recordings are done at the phone where the message lights up on the CALL BACK button.

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