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Time and Date change:

You must be at the attendant phone This is Extension 100 unless it has been changed.

If your system is not using Extension 100 ( your numbers start at 101 ) you may gain access to extension 100 by taking a 24 button display phone to the phone system and plugging it into DKT1 on the right side of the system. There might be some wires plugged into DKT1. Remove whatever is plugged into it and plug the 24 button display phone in for this procedure.

Once you are at Extension 100 follow the below steps to change the system time and date. This will change it for all phones.

  • Leave handset in craddle
  • Press the "Trans/PGM" button
  • Choose "0" for Attend
  • Choose "4" for Time
  • Choose "1" for Time and Date
  • Enter the Date as follows - MMDDYY
  • Press the "Hold/Save" button
  • Enter the Time as follows - HHMM (24 hour clock)
  • Prees the "hold/Save" button
  • Pess the "On/Off" button to complete the process
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